Recent Green projects in the City of Euclid.

Shore Cultural Centre Permeable Parking Lot and Bioretention Cell.
Constructed in the fall of 2013 by the City of Euclid, supported by Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District, and the Euclid Creek Watershed Council.

What is a Bioretention Cell
What is a Permeable Parking Lot

This project was financed totally through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under provisions of the Surface Water Improvement Fund and the USEPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

To receive a Rain Garden Manual to learn how to plant your own rain garden, contact the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District at 216-524-6580, or download the manual at the following website:


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The Euclid Public Library and Euclid’s City Hall have partnered to install photovoltaic (PV)-solar panels on their rooftops in one of the largest joint public projects in the State of Ohio to help meet the electrical needs of city hall and the library.

Combined, the PV solar arrays will generate approximately 155 kilowatts. Over the life of the contract, the energy produced will cost less than that provided by the utility company, resulting in annual savings to both the library and the city.
Together, the project will offset almost 150 tons of carbon dioxide per year, reducing the “carbon footprint” of the library and the city. That’s the equivalent of taking more than 25 cars off the road!
This project includes an important educational component that provides information to Euclid residents and businesses about the potential benefits and cost savings of solar energy. Both the library and city hall will have electronic displays (kiosks) in their buildings that provide “real time” information on the
amount of energy being produced and the amount of carbon dioxide that is offset by using solar panels to generate electricity. This is available also at the following websites:
Euclid Public Library: Click on Going Green

Wind Turbines Arrive in Euclid

Four wind turbines have also been installed to date by private entities in various locations in the City of Euclid. The first and largest of the turbines is installed at the world headquarters campus of The Lincoln Electric Company. The Lincoln turbine generates enough electricity to provide for approximately ten percent (10%) of the demand for the company’s main Euclid manufacturing facility. More importantly, it stands as a symbol of Lincoln Electric’s commitment to integrating renewable energy into its manufacturing processes and to the fast growing wind tower fabrication sector of their industry. Two additional turbines have been installed on the manufacturing sites of Wm. Sopko & Sons Company and Stamco Industries Inc. on Lakeland Boulevard. These are part of a wind turbine research project in partnership with Case Western Reserve University funded through the Ohio Third Frontier Program. The fourth and smallest turbine was installed by TRI-C at Heritage Business Park as part of the Pre-Apprentice Training/Testing Center operated by TRI-C at this location. 

Overall, the solar and wind projects are performing as anticipated. More importantly, the projects combined have generated favorable publicity for the community as being a leader in the use of alternative energy. The Lincoln and Sopko/Stamco/CWRU turbines have become landmarks for the community, as they are situated in highly visible locations along the heavily travelled I90/State Route 2 highway corridor. The cooperation and support from the Mayor, City Council, and the City’s Boards and Commissions have been key to the wind projects success and why Euclid is the only urban location in the region that is home to 3 major turbines. The City’s goal is to continue to explore the feasibility of additional projects for City facilities as well as to promote renewable energy to our private industries. Ultimately, the City hopes to attract manufacturers that make component parts for both solar and wind projects.

The chart below provides a summary of statistics for both the City/Library solar projects and the wind turbines installed in the City of Euclid.

*Note:  To Date figures shown are as of 6/11/12.