Euclid Fruit Harvest Project:

The Euclid Fruit Harvest Project aims to connect fruit tree owners with volunteer harvesters. Fruit trees often produce much more than what a household can eat.  By donating extra fruit, fruit tree owners help reduce the amount of fallen fruit and increase the amount put to good use, either eaten or composted. A portion of every harvest will be donated to the Euclid Hunger Center or other organizations. Besides being eaten fresh, fruit can be preserved in many ways for later use: sauces, jams and jellies, and dehydration are just a few, so an effort will be made to offer classes within the community on these topics.

The project committee will begin scheduling harvests late this summer. In the meantime they are looking for tree owners willing to donate fruit and for volunteers willing to harvest fruit.  Those interested can attend the next project meeting on March 19th at 6 pm at Shore Cultural Centre.  For more information contact them at or 440-941-4620