The City of Euclid, Ohio is accepting Statements of Qualifications and a Professional Service Proposal to provide Planning, Feasibility, and Design services which examines four existing pools in the City of Euclid, Ohio.  The Project includes the assessment of the following facilities: Glenbrook, Willow, Roosevelt, and Memorial Pool, plus Indian Hills Splash Park.  Also required is a demographic analysis of the Euclid area, and an Aquatic Needs Analysis of the City. The Consultant will be expected to provide an estimate of annual attendance, revenues, and expenses.  The Consultant will analyze the practicality of pool closures and/or the replacement of facilities. A Citizen Engagement (CE) process will be a part of the scope. The scope also includes the development of a Facility/Building Program that is site specific depending on the needs of the City. Concept Design alternatives are to be provided, along with cost estimates for construction and development. Finally, the Consultant is to provide an Operating Pro-forma including an expense budget, revenue estimate plus rates and charges recommendations.

Interested firms are to submit a Statement of Qualifications and Scope of Services based upon the enclosed Scope. Interested firms are encouraged to recommend alternative approaches and services. Based upon Qualifications, a firm will be selected to negotiate fees, and if no agreement is reached, the next most qualified firm will be invited to do the same until a contract is negotiated.

The Statement of Qualifications should include at a minimum:

  1. Name of firm, years in business, locations and names of key Principals.
  2. Name and experience of proposed Project Manager.
  3. Names and experience of other Team members.
  4. A list and description of similar assignments in the last ten years.
  5. A detailed description of three completed projects, including scope, fees and references.
  6. Recommended changes in enclosed Project Scope.
  7. An estimated Project Schedule.

The City will receive the Statements until close of business on Monday, October 1, 2018.  Responses must be hand delivered or sent by registered mail to City of Euclid, Department of Planning and Development, 585 E. 222nd Street, Euclid, Ohio  44123.  Please address questions to Jonathan Holody, Director of Planning and Development at or (216) 289-8154.

Please download the RFQ packet