Request For Qualifications



The City of Euclid, Ohio is accepting Statements of Qualifications to provide a condition assessment and project planning of 3 current safety forces buildings. The Consultant will assess current condition of the following facilities: Police Station, Fire Station #1 and Fire Station #3. The Consultant will provide the City with a plan for renovation or replacement including looking at a combined safety center. The Consultant will need to provide an estimate of probable cost, project timeline, location and anticipated maintenance savings for any building replacements.

Statement of Qualifications may be submitted by a single firm or multiple firms working as a team. Based upon Qualifications, a firm or group of firms will be selected to negotiate scope, services fees, and if no agreement is reached, the next most qualified firm or group of firms will be invited to do the same until a contract is negotiated.

The Statement of Qualifications should include at a minimum:

  1. Name of firm or firms, years in business, locations and names of key Principals.
  2. Name and experience of proposed Project Manager.
  3. Names and experience of other Team members.
  4. A detailed description of similar completed projects within the last 10 years, including scope, fees and references.
  5. Proposed scope and timeline for the project.

The City will receive the Statements of Qualifications until 4pm on April 17th 2020.  Responses must be hand delivered or sent by registered mail to City of Euclid, Department of Public Service, 585 E. 222nd Street, Euclid, Ohio  44123.  Please address questions to Dan Knecht, Director of Public Service at or (216) 289-2701.