Public Notice
City of Euclid Projects

Ohio EPA
Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance
Water Pollution Control Loan Fund
Environmental Assessment Document and Finding of No Significant Impact

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Improvement Projects:
Headworks Improvements, Phase1: Loan CS390341-0033
Headworks Improvements, Phase 2: CS390341-0034
Equalization Basin, Phase 1: CS390341-0026
WWTP Membrane Bio-Reactor, Procurement Phase: CS390341-0032
WWTP Membrane Bio-Reactor, Construction Phase: CS390341-0031

Ohio EPA funding of any projects through the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) requires a review for potential environmental impacts.  The Ohio EPA is making available to the public, an Environmental Assessment Document and Finding of No Significant Impact for public comment 

The City will place the FNSI decision and LER online at: 

Ohio EPA will also post these documents on its website ( under the “What’s New” tab in the “WPCLF Documents for Review and Comment” list. 

Comments may be sent to the project Environmental Planner at Ohio EPA listed at the end of the EA.

Environmental Assessment


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