Forcible Entry & Detainer (Eviction) Information



If you are filing an action in Forcible Entry and Detainer, you are asking the Court to evict someone from your premises.  

  1. The case begins with the plaintiff/landlord filing a complaint for forcible entry and detainer with the Clerk of Court.
  2. The filing fee is $135 if filing a first cause of action only plus $10 more for each additional defendant.
  3. The filing fee is $140 if filing a first and second cause of action (for money) plus $10 for each additional defendant.
  4. You must file the original complaint and 4 copies of the original complaint for each person being evicted.  (i.e., if you have 2 defendants – you must file the original complaint and eight copies of it).
  5. Once the complaint is filed and processed you will be sent a hearing notice as to when your case will be heard. 
  6. At the hearing, the Ohio Rules of Evidence and the applicable Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure will be applied.
  7. If restitution is granted and the defendant(s) fail to vacate the premises you will have to file a Writ of Restitution by filing a Praecipe for a Writ of Restitution with the Clerk of Court.  This fee is $20.
  8. If a move out is scheduled, a bonded mover must be hired and the property must be stored for 30 days.

 The clerks are here to help you process the paperwork in your case only.  The clerks are not lawyers and they are not permitted to give you any advice regarding information that must be contained in your complaint.  By law, the clerks ARE NOT permitted to give you any legal information or advice.  If you have any legal questions contact a licensed attorney.