Special Projects Division

Programs Brochure

The Special Projects Division (289-8562) of the Planning & Development Department of the City of Euclid exists for the express purpose of supplying low and moderate income resident homeowners with services customized to meet various housing needs, such as: 

  1. OPERATION OVERCOAT This program provides eligible homeowners aluminum siding refinishing and trim painting of homes and garages.
  2. HANDICAP SERVICES To meet the needs of the physically challenged in our community this program provides wheelchair ramps to assist with mobility issues.
  3. DANGEROUS TREE PROGRAMThis program provides tree trimming/ removal for trees on a homeowners property deemed dangerous to the existing or adjacent property. 

Please note that waiting lists exist, funding is limited and programs are subject to change.

To be eligible to receive the benefits of any of these programs you MUST meet the eligibility requirements set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development {HUD} and:

  1. You MUST be a resident of the City of Euclid;
  2. You must own and reside in the home to be improved, and have lived at the residence for a MINIMUM of one {1} year and;   
  3. Your total household income CANNOT EXCEED the amount set by HUD for the number of people residing in your home. 


It is important for any homeowner wishing to enjoy the benefits of these programs to understand that a waiting list exists.  Please contact the department at (216) 289-8562 for specific information and any additional restrictions for the above listed programs.