Euclid Avenue TLCI Redevelopment Plan

Destination Euclid: The Euclid Avenue Recreationway Corridor

Destination Euclid: The Euclid Avenue Recreationway Corridor is a strategy to revitalize Euclid Avenue. A Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI),
the plan works to achieve the TLCI goal of promoting a healthier community through planning and environmental linkages from an integrated transportation perspective.
Euclid Avenue is an historic transportation route in the City of Euclid that was once a critical connection between population centers that supported industry,automotive centered uses and high density residential uses. Overtime and with the loss of industry, the roadway has become a route that is overbuilt for its use. With this shift in function, the City of Euclid has the opportunity to revitalize Euclid Avenue to create a place that fits with the City’s commitment to the Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) Program.


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