Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan

Phase IV Shoreline Enhancements,
Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan
Presented August 5th, 2014

The Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan.
Adopted by Euclid City Council as an addendum to the City's Master Plan (Rev. 2009)


Imagine a summer stroll along a multi-purpose path on Euclid’s lakefront.  A wide swath of beach – reminiscent of the attractive beach that stretched along the lake into the 1940’s – provides ample room for the many residents and visitors enjoying the renewed public access to the water’s edge.   This exciting vision to reclaim Euclid’s historic beaches is a central element of the Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan.  The Plan, and a related implementation strategy, was completed and presented this past October to city officials and residents by JJR, LLC. 

In the summer of 2009, the City of Euclid hired JJR, LLC, a design and engineering firm, to assist with refining plans for improvement and enhancement of the waterfront.  In August, City officials, the Waterfront Steering Committee, and JJR met with regulatory agencies, local residents, and business owners to discuss the concepts and develop a strategy for implementation.  In late October, JJR returned with the updated concept, illustrated above, incorporating changes based on earlier feedback from area residents and property owners.

The concept plan for Euclid’s waterfront includes extending public access along the shoreline from Sims Park to just east of the Harbor Crest apartments, near the intersection of Lake Shore Boulevard and East 246th Street.   Enhancement of Sims Park itself is a key recommendation of the plan, including physical improvements to better connect the waterfront to the Downtown Euclid business district. The illustration highlights a wide range of other amenities including a public marina, walking trails, viewing platforms, and extension of a fishing pier.  The plan also recommends much needed stabilization of the shoreline, recreating the beaches and creating coastal habitat for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. 

A series of public open houses took place throughout the City in November of 2009 in order to present the plan and to answer questions about the concept plan.  Talks with local, State and Federal agencies are currently underway to identify grants to help fund major components of the project.  Preliminary improvements are set to begin in 2010.  The initial phase of implementation recommended by JJR includes land acquisition needed for the proposed public improvements such as new access roads and public parking to serve the water side features like the beach, public trails, and public marina.  A schedule for implementation of the full plan is under development by the City in consultation with JJR.  

To view the Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan click here. For more information or to comment on the plan, feel free to contact Frank Pietravoia, Special Assistant to the Mayor for Development at (216) 289-2830 or via email at