Architectural Review Board

The primary purpose of the Architectural Review Board is to review applications of owners and tenants for the remodeling and/or construction of structures in the City of Euclid, to preserve the attractive environment of the community, and guide future development in ways that will improve the appearance, as well as the value, of the properties in the City.

To achieve this goal, any new construction and major remodeling work that affects the exterior appearance of a structure are submitted to the Architectural Review Board for review.  Upon receipt and review of plans and specifications, the Board will notify the Building Official of actions taken.  No building permit for a project will be issued unless the plans and specifications have been approved in writing by the Architectural Review Board.

Members of the Architectural Review Board serve 3-year terms.

Currently, the members are:
Kathleen Sonnhalter, Chair
Robert J. Skillman, Jr., Secretary
Peter Marks, member

Scott Muscatello, Zoning Commissioner
Allison Lukacsy-Love, Planning and Development Director
Kelley Sweeney, Law Director

The Architectural Review Board meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers at the Euclid Municipal Center (unless otherwise noted).

The public is welcome.

(Application for Architectural Review Board (w/ ARB Guidelines and 2021 Calendar)

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ARB Minutes & Agendas




  1. All new structures and any remodeling work that affects the exterior appearance of a commercial structure shall be submitted to the Board for review.
  2. Architectural Review Board approval does not constitute plan approval. The project must be in conformance with all codes regarding construction, setbacks, etc., approved by the applicable code official.  APPROVAL BY THE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF PLAN APPROVAL BY OTHER CITY DEPARTMENTS OR BY OTHER REGULATING AGENCIES.
  3. All projects, when possible, should be submitted in the early preliminary study stage to avoid unnecessary delays and expense of changes. A pre-application meeting with Staff may be helpful and can be scheduled by contacting the Architectural Review Board Coordinator at 216-289-8164


  1. One (1) full size and six (6) 11”x17” complete sets of scaled and dimensioned drawings are required.  All drawings must be accurate.  Marked up prints showing proposed changes are prohibited. Drawings must include the following unless otherwise indicated by City Staff (when applicable):
    • Site plan – Parking and landscaped areas, setbacks, topography, etc.  Contact the Building Commissioner prior to ordering a survey at 216.289.2703;
    • Floor plans – To an appropriate scale - 1/8” minimum;
    • Elevations – All elevations showing materials; colors; air conditioning equipment; chimney; all projections above roofline; and signs that are attached to the building, etc.;
    • Wall Sections – To further clarify elevations; and,
    • Renderings – Must match elevation drawings in form and development of details 
  2. Photographs are required to indicate the character of the surrounding area showing the existing building or structure.  Additionally, provide photographs identifying neighboring buildings on adjacent properties when new commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings are proposed.
  3. In addition to the two previous submission methods, all drawings, photographs, etc., MUST be submitted electronically (CD or DVD in a PowerPoint, PDF, or similar format).
  4. To coordinate color and texture, all proposed building materials must be defined in specification form.  Actual samples of exterior building materials MUST be provided.


  1. The Board may show approval or disapproval as submitted, or approval with recommendations and conditions, or ask for a re-study or resubmission.  Floor plans that do not agree with elevations will be automatically rejected.

  2. The Board may also vote to continue the applicant’s case in order for the proposed project to be further refined.  In this case, the project MUST be re-submitted with any new or revised information to the Building Department no less than ten (10) days before the next monthly meeting.

  3. Approval constitutes final approval of such plans as submitted, and therefore, does not include the right to make subsequent changes in such plans without new consideration and approval by the Board; exception noted in Section 1327.10 of the City of Euclid Code of Ordinances.

  4. Before construction can be authorized, all ARB conditions must be incorporated into the construction documents and must be stamped by an Ohio Design Professional (Ohio Revised Code §153.65-.71)

  5. If the applicant decides to DEFER a request, he must submit any new or revised information to the Building Department no less than ten (10) days before the next monthly meeting.


The Board may waive or modify any rule by a two-thirds vote of all members.


APPLICANT, ARCHITECT, OR BOTH MUST APPEAR AT THE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD MEETINGIn order for a proper review and successful submission of the application, all required drawings, plans, samples, etc. as required by brochure and checklist MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST FOURTEEN (14) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE MEETING

(see deadline on Architectural Review Board Regular Meeting Schedule on page four of application)


J. Scott Muscatello (email)
Zoning Commissioner

585 East 222nd Street
Euclid, Ohio 44123-2099
(p) 216.289.8164
(f) 216-289-8184