Planning and Zoning Commission

This Commission acts as an administrative board for recommendations to City Council of any changes, amendments or alterations to the City Zone Map, and any use district or any regulation affecting a use district.

It reviews all applications for any change of zoning, appeals and use district exceptions, and operates in conjunction with the Zoning Commissioner, Building Official, and Housing Manager.  Any decisions made by the Building Official and/or Housing Manager may be appealed to the Planning and Zoning Commission who may then affirm, reverse or modify the action or decision.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month.

Planning and Zoning Commissioners serve 6-year terms. 

Currently, the members are:

Andre Dominick (term expires 12.31.2021)

Howard Drake, Sr., Chairman (term expires 12.31.2023)

John Monroe (term expires 12.31.2026)

Amanda Renfroe (term expires 12.31.2021)

Jessica Weymouth, Vice-Chair (term expires 12.31.2026)


J. Scott Muscatello, Zoning Commissioner

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers at the Euclid Municipal Center.

The public is welcome.

P & Z Meeting Dates 2020 (pdf)

P & Z Commission Minutes & Agendas  (pdf)





  1. All projects, when possible, should be submitted in the early preliminary study stage to avoid unnecessary delays and expense of changes. A pre-application meeting with Staff may be helpful and can be scheduled by contacting the Zoning Commissioner at 216-289-8180


  • One (1)original Primary Application (pages 1-4), and Ten (10) copies of the appropriate Petition Application(s) (below) signed and notarized:
    • Petition for Appeal
    • Petition for Conditional Use
    • Petition for Non-Conforming Rights
    • Petition for Rehearing
    • Petition for Special Use Permit
    • Petition for Use District Exception
    • Petition for Variance
    • Petition for Zoning Change
  • Ten (10) complete sets (one at full size and nine reduced – no less than 11”x17” – may be substituted) of scaled and dimensioned drawings (if applicable). All drawings must be accurate. Drawings should include, if applicable, the following: 

Site plan – Parking and landscaped areas, setbacks, property lines, building locations;
Floor plans – To an appropriate scale;
Elevations – Required for projects involving new construction –may be waived for proposals involving the use of existing buildings; and,
Renderings – May be appropriate but generally not required.

  • Photographs may be presented to indicate the character of the surrounding area as well as to indicate precedence or an existing condition. All photographs and/or items submitted by the applicant as evidence shall be retained by the City.
  • Additionally, all drawings, photographs, etc., MUST BE submitted electronically (Email, CD or DVD in a PowerPoint, PDF, or similar format) to facilitate the ease of transmission of information and electronic record-keeping


APPLICANT OR DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE MUST APPEAR AT THE PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION MEETING. The application, all required drawings, and plans MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 4:00 PM ON EACH CLOSING DAY LISTED on the Commission’s adopted annual meeting schedule(see application deadline on Planning and Zoning Commission Regular Meeting Schedule).

In cases where the applicant does not own the property, supplementary documents must be submitted to show the applicant is authorized to make the request 

Use of the property is not authorized until applicable building permits are closed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued


The filing fee is $50.00 for a residential application and $100.00 for a commercial application


J. Scott Muscatello, Zoning Commissioner

(p) 216.289.8164

585 East 222nd Street
Euclid, Ohio 44123-2099
(f) 216-289-8184