Business Fire Safety Checklist

  •  Are fire extinguishers up to date? (Should have a date stamp that is less than a year old)
  •  Are fire extinguishers mounted properly and free of obstruction? (Should be between 36"-42" from floor and nothing within a 36" radius of the extinguisher)
  •  Is hood system inspected and up to date? (Required to be inspected twice a year - date tag should be less than 6 month old)
  •  Are sprinkler heads free from obstruction? (Storage not to be within 18" of the head and nothing hanging from the head)
  •  Are fire doors properly working and free from obstruction? (They are not permitted to be propped open by wedges or any other temporary device)
  •  Are rolling fire door/shutters annually tested? (They are required to be drop tested once a year)
  •  Do you have an adequate number of fire extinguishers? (They should be placed so that travel distance does not exceed 75 feet or when there is a significant hazard to protect such as kitchens) 
  •  Are exit doors clearly marked, lit up and free from obstruction? (They are required to be identified with signs that are internally illuminated) 
  •  Are exit doors unlocked? 
  •  Are all exits well lit? 
  •  Are all electrical plates and outlets free from exposed wiring? (Cover plates are required no open junction boxes are permitted) 
  •  Are extension cords used properly? (They are for temporary purposes and are not a substitution for permanent wiring) 
  •  Are electrical panels to be kept clear at least 36 inches from storage? 
  •  Are gas cylinders secured so as not to permit tipping? 
  •  Are hallways and storage spaces free from accumulated rubbish? 
  •  Is storage kept at a distance of 24 inches from the ceiling? 
  •  Is your address properly posted? (Four inch height minimum) 
  •  Are fire lanes clearly posted and marked? 
  •  Are combustibles kept a safe distance from any heat source? (Minimum of 36 inches)
     Are flammable liquids properly used and properly stored? (Must be stored in an approved cabinet) 
  •  Are employees educated in fire safety and able to use a fire extinguisher?
     Are fire drills often performed? 
  •  Are employees aware of the location of fire extinguishers and exit doors? 
  •  Are safety issues enforced at all times? (Do you have a written policy) 
  •  Do you have a Fire Safety Plan? 
  •  Are employees trained in this plan? 
  •  Are hazardous materials properly labeled? 
  •  Are hazardous materials properly stored and disposed of? 
  •  Is propane gas properly used and stored? 
  •  Do you have current MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on site for hazardous materials?

Every "yes" response indicates a positive, fire-safety situation, but a "no" response indicates a potential fire hazard that needs to be corrected. If you have any questions, please call the Euclid Fire Prevention Bureau.

FEMA's Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry