Helpful Hints Checklist For Inspections

Euclid Housing Division's Helpful Hints Checklist For Point of Sale and Rental Certificate Inspections
The most common issues and violations found in Euclid homes are listed below:


  • Utilities should be turned on and walls and floors must be visible without barriers.
  • All gas fired furnaces, hot water tanks and appliances must be checked and approved by a licensed HVAC contractor. Make sure you request a report stating that your gas equipment has been checked and is operating properly. Give a copy to the Housing Inspector.
  • All gas lines must have a leaver type shut off at the appliance. Flexible gas lines on moveable appliances must be in good condition.
  • Smoke detectors must be placed near the ceiling in the following locations:
    - Outside all sleeping rooms,
    - In the furnace or utility room,
    - Or at the base of the basement steps
    - Second floor top of stairs.
  • All outlets and switches must have cover plates.
  • Circuits on all electrical distribution panels must be labeled.
  • 60 Amp. Systems cannot accommodate more than two (2) major appliances.
  • All windows must be able to operate and remain open without being propped up.
  • All doors including interior doors must open close and latch without special tools.
  • Exhaust fans must vent to the outside. Attic venting is not permitted.


  • Loose mortar or missing bricks will require repair.
  • Entrance handrails must be sturdy and able to support a reasonable load.
  • Gutters must be clean and secured to face boards, downspouts must be secured and concreted into drain crocks.
  • Drives and service walks must be free of trip hazards.
  • Exterior wood and metal surfaces must be in good condition and protected by paint or rust free surface.

After your application is completed, expect a call from your inspector to schedule the inspection. Your report or your approval certificate will be mailed to you. Most violations can be repaired by the property owner. Some violations such as overloaded electrical panels will require a registered contractor. These will be designated on your inspection report. If you have questions about service or assumption of violations by buyers please call (216) 289-2700 ext. 3904