Rental Property Requirements

All owners of residential rental property are required to register those properties with the City of Euclid Housing Manager within 72 hours after obtaining legal title.

The fee for this initial registration is $200.00 and includes the fee for the inspection needed to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. The Certificate of Occupancy must be renewed annually and requires that an inspection be performed before the certificate is issued.  The annual inspection fee is $200.00.  No residential property may be held out for rent without first obtaining this Certificate of Occupancy.

Property owners must also register with the Euclid Tax Department to ensure that tenants are included in the City’s income tax records.  Penalties will be applied to those property owners that fail to abide by the City of Euclid’s Ordinances relative to rental property.  For further information please refer to the appropriate Ordinances or call the Housing Department at (216) 289-2900 during normal business hours.

For 1 to 3 family units and group homes
All fees in this summary are pursuant to Euclid Codified Ordinance 1761.05.

All fees are set by Euclid City Council.
Initial Rental Registration: $200
Annual Rental Renewal: $200 per unit annually. (Example: If you own a 3-family rental property, you will owe a total of $600).
Lapsed Rental Renewal: Late fee of $200 per unit assessed to the $200 per unit lapsed renewal fee. (Example: if you own a 3-family rental property and it lapses, you will owe a total $1,200).
Illegal Rental Registration: $400 ($200 initial registration + $200 nonrefundable charge for renting a property without registering first).