Vacant Property Registration

In an effort to curtail the growing problem of vacant and neglected properties in the city and to promote the upkeep of all of our properties, in February 2012, the Euclid City Council enacted a Vacant Property Registration. The Vacant Property Registration requires property owners to register their vacant property with the City of Euclid Housing Department and be responsible for the upkeep of their property and marketing the property towards occupancy. 

Once the property is registered with the city, a housing inspector will conduct two annual exterior inspections of the property, provide a list of required repairs to the owner and a date on which the repairs must be completed.  The property owner faces fines if the repairs are not made.

Through this program, the City of Euclid joins a number of other cities across the country who have enacted similar vacant property registration programs. It is the goal of City Council and Administration that this program will speed up rehabilitation of the properties and encourage the marketing of the properties for occupancy. 

If you would like to report a vacant property in your neighborhood, please contact Danielle DeSico at (216)289-2700 Ex 3905 or by E-mail.

Download Vacant Property Registration Application.