Refuse Collection

Refuse Collection
For the collection schedule please refer to the maps section of this website.

The City of Euclid is currently under contract with Kimble Companies for Automated collection/disposal of refuse and recyclable materials.  Informational materials and approved containers (dark green 95 gallon two wheeled cart for rubbish and a bright green 65 gallon two wheeled cart for recyclable materials) were distributed to all residents receiving curbside pick-up.

Please place trash and recyclable containers on the tree lawn after 6:00 p.m. during daylight savings time the day before your collection (after 4:00 p.m. during standard time), or before 7:00 a.m. the day of your collection.  If placed out any earlier, you will be in violation of Ordinance #941.05 which includes a $75.00 fine.  This will be strictly enforced.  Collection may take place anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Empty containers are not permitted to remain in the front of any building or residence for a period in excess of twelve hours from the time of collection (Ordinance #186-1969 – Passed 9/2/69).

Recycling is picked up weekly on your regular trash day.  Recyclable items do not have to be separated – they can be co-mingled.  Acceptable items include:  milk/juice cartons, plastic bottles & containers; brown, clear or green glass; aluminum, tin or bi-metal cans; newspaper, magazines, corrugated cardboard, telephone books, catalogues, cereal boxes (pull out the liner); printer or copier paper and junk mail.  Boxes should be flattened and bundled together and placed next to the recycling tote, if they don’t fit inside the tote.  Items that are not acceptable include:  Styrofoam, plastic bags or toys, batteries, light bulbs, wax cartons, wire hangers, aluminum foil, shrink wrap, books, motor oil and antifreeze containers.   

The following holidays will be observed if they fall on a weekday.
If in doubt, put it out.


If the holiday falls on a weekend, trash pick-up will remain on schedule.

Residents can still drop off paper products at the various Abitibi recycling sites (green and yellow bins) which contribute a portion of the profits to charity.  Aluminum cans are also collected at Fire Station #1, 775 East 222nd Street and benefits the Metro Health Burn Unit.  Compact Florescent Bulbs can be recycled at the Home Depot, 877 East 200th Street in Euclid.

Latex Paint Cans will be picked up curbside.  You must first remove the lids, mix the remaining paint with sand, dirt, kitty litter or sawdust - mix to an oatmeal consistency.  Leave uncovered for a couple of days or until the mixture hardens; then place uncovered cans on the tree lawn.

Mattresses/Box Springs – always need to be double wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape. (This also applies to Upholstered Furniture and bundled carpeting if they contain bed bugs.)

Large Items – such as miscellaneous furniture and appliances, with or without refrigerants, will also be collected on your scheduled day.  Please remove the door(s) on any appliance for safety purposes.  No building or construction materials will be collected.  Also, concrete, dirt or roofing materials will not be collected.  These items must be disposed of by the resident.  Separate arrangements to dispose of these materials should be made with a contractor at the homeowner’s expense. 

Tires – will not be collected curbside.  The City will have a “Scrap Tire Round-Up” September 16 – 21, 2019 at our service center located at 25500 Lakeland Blvd.  Hours will be from 8 am. to 3 pm.  Only passenger and light truck tires can be accepted.  Tires must be off the rims.

Insulin Needles – The tips of needles need to be broken off; then place needles in a sealed container (i.e. detergent bottle, coffee can) and throw out in the trash receptacle.

Lawnmowers/Snowblowers – Kimble will pick these up curbside after all of the gasoline/oil has been drained.  Mark with a sign that all flammable liquid has been removed.

Used Motor Oilshould not be placed on the tree lawn for collection.  Lube Stop, Inc. will accept used motor oil during regular business hours (M-F 8-7:00, Sat. 8-6:00) Location:  20501 Euclid Avenue.

Batteries – Will not be collected curbside.  Batteries are accepted at Bulldog Battery located at 37645 Vine Street, Willoughby, 44094.  Their phone number is (440) 942-2555.

Branches, Brush and Carpeting must be cut into 3-4 foot lengths and visibly bundled, not to exceed 2’ in diameter.  Weight should not exceed 50 pounds.   Bagged leaves/yard debris can be placed in the trash tote – not the recycling tote or they can be placed next to the containers on the tree lawn.

Construction Debris (Mixed) Concrete Propane Tanks

Boyas Excavating, Inc
11311 Rockside Road
Valley View, OH 44125
(216) 524-3620

DeMilta Sand & Gravel
921 Erie Road
Eastlake OH 44095
(440) 942-2015
Clean, segregated concrete,
gravel and stone

37401 Stevens Blvd.
Willoughby, OH 44094
(440) 946-2000

Household Hazardous Waste:
The City will be holding three Household Hazardous Waste Round-Ups in 2019.  They will be held on March 4-8, June 17-21, and September 16-21 at the Service Garage located at 25500 Lakeland Blvd. between the hours of 8 am – 3 pm.  Acceptable items include:  oil or solvent-based paints, sealers, primers, varnish, polyurethanes, shellacs, spray paint, automotive fluids, kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, paint thinner, turpentine, roof tar, driveway sealer, mercury bulbs.

***Kimble will not pick up trash from a business, even if it is operated out of a private residence.

For any questions or complaints, call the Service Director’s office at (216) 289-2701.