Sewer Department

Waste Water Treatment Facility Project
On October 10, 2012, the City of Euclid held a public meeting to give an update on the status of the improvements and expansion project required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” to our waste water treatment facility.
10/10/12 Handout

Sewer charges are located on your Cleveland Water bill, under Local & Other Current Charges – Wastewater Charge. Your sewer bill is calculated based on consumption (how many MCF's that you use, 1 MCF=7,500 gallons of water), with a minimum wastewater charge of .333 MCF per month per the City of Euclid Ordinance No. 157-2012. For 2020, Euclid residents pay $82.56 per MCF. The incremental breakdown of this charge is as follows:    (1/10/20)

$ 28.60


For the operation, maintenance, and repair of the waste-water treatment plant. (ORD. No. 32-2012, Amended ORD. No. 157-2012)

$ 20.62


For Capital - these funds are used to retire debt incurred by construction projects, expansion, etc., necessary to meet effluent limitations and requirements. (ORD. No. 32-2012, Amended ORD. No. 157-2012)

$ 21.04


Peterson charge. This is used to raise sufficient revenue to finance new sewer construction within the city. (ORD. No. 111-2000, ORD. No.33-2012, Amended ORD. No. 158-2012)

$ 2.30


Charged by the City of Cleveland Water Department for meter reading services.

$ 10.00


To be used for replacement and repair of aged and leaking City-owned water mains and lines. (ORD. No. 84-1997, ORD. No. 34-2012)




The Homestead Discount

Cleveland Water offers The Homestead Discount Program, which provides a lower fixed charge and consumption rate. To qualify for the Homestead Discount Program, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 65 years or older, or totally and permanently disabled;
  • Must own and live at the property; and
  • Must have income less than $34,500

Residents approved for the Homestead Discount will see discounts on both water and wastewater (sewer) charges. For Euclid residents, the 2020 Homestead Discount rates for the wastewater (sewer) charges is $73.27/MCF, which is 11.25% off our standard rates. For information about discounts on the water portion of the bill, please contact the Cleveland Water at (216) 664-3130, or visit (look under Customer Service, then Water Rates, then Discount Programs).

Enrollment for the Homestead Discount is through Cleveland Water, and an annual application is required. For new customer or renewal applications, call Cleveland Water at (216) 664-3130, or visit (look under Customer Service, then Water Rates, then Discount Programs). For further information or questions about applying for the Homestead Discount, please contact Cleveland Water at (216) 664-3130.

Summer Sprinkling Program

The Summer Sprinkling Program is the vehicle by which the District will assess sewer service charges to eligible users. Upon receipt of timely application, (available at the Service Directors office) the City shall provide Summer Sprinkling Rates to eligible users. These rates shall be provided by basing the sewer charges during the summer billing period on the smaller of either the actual consumption or a calculated consumption based on winter usage.

There is a one time $10.00 fee for the application.
Summer billing period shall mean the period between May 1st and September 30th inclusive.
Winter billing period shall mean the period between October 1st and April 30th.

There is no guarantee that you will see a savings, as everyone's water consumption is different. With this program, if you use more water during the summer billing period (May 1st through September 30th) than you used during the previous seven months (the winter billing period - October 1st through April 30th), you should see a reduction in your sewer bill.