Winter Roads

Parking on City Streets.
Do not park cars in the street when 2" or more of new snow has fallen until the street has been plowed. Your cooperation in keeping cars off the street will allow crews to clear the roads in an efficient and timely manner. Cars parked on the street during a Parking Ban are subject to being ticketed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Salting during the late evening/early morning hours. 
During periods of snowfall between approximately  11: pm.- 4: am.  salting is minimal due to low traffic volumes. The goal of the service  department during this time is to  limit salting to  provide a passable roadway that is free from drifts, snow ridges and as much ice and snow pack as is practical. Plowing and salting main roads and school zones at 4: am. will assure they are ice free for the rush hour.   Only intersections, hills, curves and bridges will be salted on main roads between these hours.

Salting during snow events. 
During periods of 1" or more per hour, main roads will be plowed as frequently as possible but only will be salted at intersections, hills, curves, bridges and school zones.  Intermittent spreading of salt at 150 ft. intervals, will also be utilized when practical.

Salting on secondary roads. 
Secondary roads will be plowed as often as possible, but will not be salted except for 200 ft. at each intersection, and at hills, curves, bridges and school zones.  Spot salting will be used on secondary roads when practical.