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Building FAQs

How does a business owner obtain a certificate of occupancy (C of O)?

Includes C-O Application & Business Registration

(This form has interactive form fields - Adobe Acrobat may be required)

*Updated 12/2016

C-O Application & Business Registration 2016.pdf
What are the guidelines for putting a fence on your property?
  • No fence over 4' between adjacent homes (side lot line)
  • Side yard fences must be at least four feet from any dwelling
  • Fences can be as high as 6' feet in the rear yard of a residential property
  • No fences in front of the house
  • Post holes are required to be 38" deep
  • The finished side of a fence must face outward
  • No portion of the fence may extend beyond the property line of the applicant onto an adjacent property
  • Barbed wire is not permitted on a residential fence
*Updated 03/2021
What is the largest size shed I can put on my property?

Per Ordinance 169-2006, the combined size of all garages and sheds cannot exceed 696 square feet. However, see codified ordinance 1377.01(b) for lots over 5,000 square feet.

No shed is permitted to be taller than ten (10) feet in height. 

Council FAQs

Can I receive Council agendas prior to the meetings?

Yes, contact the Council Office at (216) 289-8123 or e-mail and an agenda can be sent out to you through e-mail. Also, the agendas are posted on the website. Click Here for Council Agendas and Minutes.

Are Council Meetings open to the public?

 Yes, Council Meetings are open to the public and there is an opportunity for audience questions or comments.

How do I obtain Council Meeting Minutes?

Council Minutes are available by contacting the Council Office. Minutes can be sent electronically for no charge or a hard copy is available for pick up at an approximate cost of $1.00. The council minutes are also located on the website. Click Here for Council Agendas and Minutes.

How do I obtain DVD copies of Council Meetings?

If you care to purchase tapes, please contact Euclid Community Television at (216) 289-8373. Council meetings are now available on the Euclid Public Library's website at:

What time are Council Meetings held?

Council meetings are held at 7 PM in the Euclid City Hall Council Chamber on the first and third Monday of the month.

What Ward do I live in? Who is my Ward Council Person? How can I contact them?

Contact the Council Office at (216) 289-8123 or E-mail the Clerk.

Check out this link from The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections .

When are the Council Meetings aired on ECTV?

Council Meetings are broadcast live on the night of the meeting. The following Wednesday they are aired according to the ECTV schedule.

Where can I review the City Codes and Ordinances?

The Codified Ordinances of the City of Euclid are the city's web site, under the City Hall Tab.

General FAQs

What is Governmental Aggregation?

Simply put, it's the entire community joining together to form one large buying group. By voting to allow an aggregation, residents allow their community to shop for natural gas or electricity on their behalf.

Natural Gas Governmental Aggregation Programs
Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Aggregation Program
Frequently Asked Questions 

Housing FAQs

Is there a LATE fee if my rental renewal lapses past the rental license’s expiration?

Yes. The late fee is an additional $200 per unit.

I received a Prosecutor's Notice for an unregistered rental, a lapsed rental renewal, or an outstanding violation from a rental inspection. Do I have a warrant for my arrest? Will I be required to appear in Court on the day assigned to me on the Prosecutor’s Notice?

No, you do not need to appear in Court at this stage. Should you choose to ignore notices from the Prosecutor’s Office and not take appropriate action, a criminal case may be opened that may require an appearance in Court.

When is the optimal time to pay my annual rental renewal?

Renewal invoices for all rental properties are sent one month before the anniversary month of initial registration. Therefore, if your property was originally registered in May, you will receive the invoice in the beginning of April and it must be paid no later than the end of May.

Can I rent my property in the City of Euclid without registering?

It is against the City of Euclid’s Housing Ordinance No. 1761.05. If the property is discovered being rented by tenants, and is not registered with the City of Euclid, it is considered an unregistered rental. You will be notified by the Housing Department of consequences.

I will be receiving funds through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP). Must my property be registered and inspected by the City of Euclid, even if the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) already conducted their inspection?

Yes. In order to participate and be eligible to receive HCVP funds as your tenant’s rent, the property must be registered with the City of Euclid, have a current rental license, and renewals must be paid on time each year. We regularly notify CMHA if the property is not registered, if the rental renewal is lapsed, and if there are outstanding violations on the property.

Does my rental property get inspected each year?


I have violations from my most recent rental inspection. How long do I have to fix those violations?

You have 90 days from the day of inspection to fix the violations. If you are finished sooner, please contact your inspector to schedule a re-inspection. If they are not corrected within 90 days, the unattended violations will be subject to prosecution. Please contact the City of Euclid Housing Manager at (216)289-8127 or Email at   if you need extensions due to weather.

Before I bought my property, it was a rental property. I also inherited tenants. Do I need to register the property?

Yes. As the new owner of the property, you must register the property as a Rental. New Owner = New Rental License.

My tenants are moving away, do I need to re-register the rental property each time a new tenant moves in?

No, you are not required to re-register each time a tenant moves in.

My property is currently vacant. Should I still renew my rental registration?

If you are hoping for a new occupant, yes. If you are opting to go an alternate route with your property, contact the Housing Department to ask for appropriate steps.

I changed mailing addresses, and the City of Euclid sent the rental renewal invoice to my old mailing address, and I received a Prosecutor's Notice for a late rental renewal. Can the late fee be waived?

No. It is the responsibility of the owner of the rental property to notify the City of Euclid of changes in mailing address, and changing property management companies.

I receive the same application each year. Do I have to complete the application, even if my contact information is still the same?


Does the City have any programs to assist with home improvement projects?

Yes! There are two programs sponsored by the City, in partnership with HUD that provide assistance with home improvements.

  • Euclid Development Corporation (EDCOR) Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program: This is a straight 3% loan that allows for up to $30,000 for needed and wanted home improvements and remodeling. Call (216) 289-4625 for more information.
  • Weatherization / Special Projects: A "free" program to aid with weatherizing homes to aid with comfort and utilities. This program includes vinyl siding, "no cost" furnace cleaning and inspection, deadbolt locks, smoke alarms, handicapped ramps, handrails and grab bars, and more. For more information, contact the Weatherization Department at (216) 289-8562. Both programs are governed by HUD's income guidelines.
What is the Homestead Exemption and how do I qualify for it?

A discount not to exceed 45% of the total annual capital charges included in the sewer service billings. To qualify, a Euclid resident must be permanently and totally disabled, or sixty-five (65) years of age and older, or otherwise as provided by law and who have applied for and received the Homestead exemption status allowed by the Cleveland Water Department. The mayor may apply the discount by a uniform reduction on all billings or by a reduction not to exceed 40% on any single quarterly bill.

How do I assume the violations on a property I am purchasing?

Assumption Process

Police FAQs

Do I need to register my bicycle?

The Euclid Police Department provides free bike licenses to any resident that would like one. The registration can be used so in the event it may be stolen, it can return it to the original owner.
Simply click Here and make sure you have the serial number, size, speed and color.

Does the City have a Curfew?

Yes. The curfews are: MINORS CURFEW.
   (a) No child under the age of twelve years shall be upon any street, road, sidewalk, park or any other public place between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. of the following day.
    (b) No child twelve to fifteen years of age shall be upon any street, road, sidewalk, park or any other public place between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. of the following day.
   (c) No child sixteen or seventeen years of age shall be upon any street, road, sidewalk, park or any other public place between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
   (d) No parent, guardian or person in loco parentis shall allow a child to be in violation of divisions (a) through (c) of this section.
    (e) The provisions of this section shall not apply to a minor accompanied by a parent, guardian or some responsible person twenty-one years of age or over, or a member of his or her family eighteen years or older, or if he or she has a legitimate excuse for being upon public ways or places during the hours aforesaid.
    (f) Any child violating the curfew imposed under this section shall be dealt with in accordance with Juvenile Court law and procedure.
    (g) Any parent, guardian or person in loco parentis who is found in violation of division (d) hereof is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and shall be subject to the penalty as provided in Section 599.02. Please note that if a child is with a parent or adult over 21 or family member over 18, curfews do not apply.

What are the restrictions for parking on the street?

No one may park a vehicle on any street or highway in the City of Euclid between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Q. What are the guidelines for pets?
  • All pets must be maintained by pen, fence or leash at all times and may not run free at any time within the City.
  • Pet owners are limited to 4 dogs and/or cats over 3 months of age.
  • All dogs and cats over 4 months old must be immunized.
  • No pets in public parks, playgrounds or school yards.
  • All dogs and cats must be registered annually with the Cuyahoga County Auditor.

Rubbish Collection FAQs

What is this Fee for?

This is a monthly fee for Trash Collection.  It was passed by Council on June 16, 2014 per Ordinance #74-2014.  Although no one likes to pay more, especially in these trying times, these fees are essential for the short and long-term viability of the City of Euclid.

How long will I have to pay this fee?

The ordinance provides for the fee to remain in effect for a two year period.

How much will it be each time?

The cost shall be $9 per month per unit, billed in 6 month increments with your Property Tax Bills issued by Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer.

When will I be billed?

Billing will occur twice a year, and included with your Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer Property Tax Bills sent out in June and December of each year.

The Trash Fee will be listed on your Property Tax Bill as Special Assessments.  The Trash Assessments are listed as the Current Fiscal Year and NOT a year behind as are your Property Taxes.

Where will the bill be sent?

Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer will send the bills to the property address or the tax mailing address of each property.

I am on a fixed income, is there a reduction in fee for me?

Yes, you may apply for a reduction for the following reason: 

  • If you are 65 or older and permanently and totally disabled AND your household income does not exceed $31,000.00.  You must provide tax returns to determine your level of income.  The reduction would be to $7 per month or $24 off per year.  Click here for the application.
  • There are no discounts for Vacant Properties at this time.
Where do I find the forms for the reduction of fee?

The best method is to obtain the forms from City Hall in the Vital Statistics Department off the Lobby or print them from the website  and bring them in to City Hall.  A copy of your most recently filed federal income tax return or social security statement must be submitted with the application and affidavit.  A notary will be available to notarize your application and can also make a copy for you to keep for your records. 

Will I be assessed a late fee and when will that occur?

Yes, there will be a 10% late fee applied if the payment is not received by the due date.

What if I choose not to pay?

The fee and any penalties will be carried over to the next billing year with the County Fiscal Office.

Who should I contact if I have questions that are not addressed here?

Any questions about Trash Collection Fees, Please Call 216-289-2765.

Vital Statistics FAQs

What are your normal hours of operation?

Monday through Friday 11 am. to 3 pm. continuously. 

Can anyone obtain their birth certificate at the Euclid Municipal Center?

Yes, ANYONE born in the State of Ohio may obtain their birth certificate at the Euclid Municipal Center.

What is a certified birth or death certificate and what is the cost?

A certified birth or death certificate is a copy that has a raised seal on it. The cost is $25 per certified copy.

Can I request a copy of my birth/death certificate over the phone?

Yes, for an additional processing fee of $5 you can order your birth certificate or EUCLID DEATHS ONLY death certificate over the phone with a credit card.

Can you fax me my birth certificate?

No, because we need to have payment before we issue the certificate. Also, a faxed copy would not have the raised seal, which is required on a certified copy.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, we accept all four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) either in person, over the phone, or by mail in request.

How do I obtain a certified birth or death certificate? Do I need to bring anything?

Whether purchasing a birth or death certificate, you must fill out the appropriate application. You do not need to bring anything except the payment of $25 per copy. The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes.  If payment is made by check, a State-Issued ID is required.

How do I write in for my birth certificate?

You need to send information that is found on your birth certificate: - Full Name, including middle name - Date of Birth - Parents Names, including Mother's Maiden Name. You need to send this information along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a money order payable to: The Bureau of Vital Statistics. If you are located in Ohio, you can send in a personal check in place of the money order. The information, self-address stamped envelope, and payment should be mailed to Euclid Vital Statistics, 585 East 222nd Street, Euclid, OH 44123.

I'm going to Mexico and/or Canada. Do I need my birth certificate?

Since 911, the Federal Government has mandated that when you leave or enter the United States, a Passport is Mandatory.

Where are you located?

In the Euclid Municipal Center which is located on East 222nd Street between Euclid Public Library and the Police Station.

Where can I obtain an application for a passport?

You can obtain a passport application at any post office. Call the specific post office for the hours.

Can I get a Marriage License at City Hall?

No, Marriage Licenses must be obtained at Cuyahoga County Probate Court.