Building FAQs

How does a business owner obtain a certificate of occupancy (C of O)?

Includes C-O Application & Business Registration

(This form has interactive form fields - Adobe Acrobat may be required)

*Updated 12/2016

C-O Application & Business Registration 2016.pdf
What are the guidelines for putting a fence on your property?
  • No fence over 4' between adjacent homes (side lot line)
  • Fences can be as high as 6' feet in the rear yard of a residential property
  • No fences in front of house
  • Post holes are required to be 38" deep
  • The finished side of a fence must face outward
  • Barbed wired is not permitted on a residential fence
*Updated 12/2016
What is the largest size shed I can put on my property?

Per Ordinance 169-2006, the combined size of all garages and sheds cannot exceed 696 square feet. However, see codified ordinance 1377.01(b) for lots over 5,000 square feet.

No shed is permitted to be taller than ten (10) feet in height. 

How do I iniate a claim against my contractor?

The process of making a claim again a contractor's bond is formal and requires various steps which must be completed in turn by both the home owner and the Euclid Building Division. If required documents listed in the below link are not delivered to the Building Commissioner, this process will be delayed and may be terminated.

How to initiate a claim on a contractor1.pdf