Housing FAQs

Is there a LATE fee if my rental renewal lapses past the rental license’s expiration?

Yes. The late fee is an additional $200 per unit.

I received a Prosecutor's Notice for an unregistered rental, a lapsed rental renewal, or an outstanding violation from a rental inspection. Do I have a warrant for my arrest? Will I be required to appear in Court on the day assigned to me on the Prosecutor’s Notice?

No, you do not need to appear in Court at this stage. Should you choose to ignore notices from the Prosecutor’s Office and not take appropriate action, a criminal case may be opened that may require an appearance in Court.

When is the optimal time to pay my annual rental renewal?

Renewal invoices for all rental properties are sent one month before the anniversary month of initial registration. Therefore, if your property was originally registered in May, you will receive the invoice in the beginning of April and it must be paid no later than the end of May.

Can I rent my property in the City of Euclid without registering?

It is against the City of Euclid’s Housing Ordinance No. 1761.05. If the property is discovered being rented by tenants, and is not registered with the City of Euclid, it is considered an unregistered rental. You will be notified by the Housing Department of consequences.

I will be receiving funds through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP). Must my property be registered and inspected by the City of Euclid, even if the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) already conducted their inspection?

Yes. In order to participate and be eligible to receive HCVP funds as your tenant’s rent, the property must be registered with the City of Euclid, have a current rental license, and renewals must be paid on time each year. We regularly notify CMHA if the property is not registered, if the rental renewal is lapsed, and if there are outstanding violations on the property.

Does my rental property get inspected each year?


I have violations from my most recent rental inspection. How long do I have to fix those violations?

You have 90 days from the day of inspection to fix the violations. If you are finished sooner, please contact your inspector to schedule a re-inspection. If they are not corrected within 90 days, the unattended violations will be subject to prosecution. Please contact the City of Euclid Housing Manager at (216)289-8127 or Email at jquirarte@cityofeuclid.com   if you need extensions due to weather.

Before I bought my property, it was a rental property. I also inherited tenants. Do I need to register the property?

Yes. As the new owner of the property, you must register the property as a Rental. New Owner = New Rental License.

My tenants are moving away, do I need to re-register the rental property each time a new tenant moves in?

No, you are not required to re-register each time a tenant moves in.

My property is currently vacant. Should I still renew my rental registration?

If you are hoping for a new occupant, yes. If you are opting to go an alternate route with your property, contact the Housing Department to ask for appropriate steps.

I changed mailing addresses, and the City of Euclid sent the rental renewal invoice to my old mailing address, and I received a Prosecutor's Notice for a late rental renewal. Can the late fee be waived?

No. It is the responsibility of the owner of the rental property to notify the City of Euclid of changes in mailing address, and changing property management companies.

I receive the same application each year. Do I have to complete the application, even if my contact information is still the same?


Does the City have any programs to assist with home improvement projects?

Yes! There are two programs sponsored by the City, in partnership with HUD that provide assistance with home improvements.

  • Euclid Development Corporation (EDCOR) Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program: This is a straight 3% loan that allows for up to $30,000 for needed and wanted home improvements and remodeling. Call (216) 289-4625 for more information.
  • Weatherization / Special Projects: A "free" program to aid with weatherizing homes to aid with comfort and utilities. This program includes vinyl siding, "no cost" furnace cleaning and inspection, deadbolt locks, smoke alarms, handicapped ramps, handrails and grab bars, and more. For more information, contact the Weatherization Department at (216) 289-8562. Both programs are governed by HUD's income guidelines.
What is the Homestead Exemption and how do I qualify for it?

A discount not to exceed 45% of the total annual capital charges included in the sewer service billings. To qualify, a Euclid resident must be permanently and totally disabled, or sixty-five (65) years of age and older, or otherwise as provided by law and who have applied for and received the Homestead exemption status allowed by the Cleveland Water Department. The mayor may apply the discount by a uniform reduction on all billings or by a reduction not to exceed 40% on any single quarterly bill.

How do I assume the violations on a property I am purchasing?

Assumption Process