Heritage Home Program

If your home is 50 years old or older, this may be the program for you! The Heritage Home Program (HHP) offers free home repair and maintenance advice, personalized site visits, and access to as low as 2.0% fixed-interest financing over a 5-10 year term. To schedule a free site visit or learn more about qualifying for the low-interest loan, contact HHP staff at (216) 426-3116 or HHP@heritagehomeprogram.org.  You can also visit the Program's website at www.heritagehomeprogram.org to get more information. 

Attached please find the letter the Mayor sent to all homes that qualify by having a 50yr+ age home!  Here also is a link to Cleveland Restoration’s information page:  http://www.clevelandrestoration.org/homeowner/

Quick Facts

  • Anyone interested should first contact the Cleveland Restoration Society at 216-426-1000
  • Renovations can be both interior and exterior
  • All renovations EXCEPT DRIVEWAYS have no income eligibility
  • Technical assistance provided by the restoration society is not contingent on obtaining a low interest loan
  • The owner does not have to occupy the home to be eligible

Please note this program is good until December 31 so please encourage folks that are interested to call as soon as they can!  Imagine the boost in neighborhoods with the amount of people doing renovations!