Request for Qualifications

The City of Euclid (the “City”) is seeking to identify a developer or development team with whom the City can work collaboratively to develop approximately 1.4 acres of City-owned property known as the “Wilmore Elementary School” (“Site”). The Site is located in the City’s western neighborhood in a residential area at the crossroads of E.215th Street and Wilmore Avenue. The Site is nearby Downtown Euclid, the Euclid Police Department, Euclid Public Library, Memorial Park and Pool as well as the new Euclid Middle and High School campus.

This Request for Qualifications and Preliminary Development Proposals (“RFQ/RFP”) provides details about the Site and surrounding areas, establishes the goals of the City, and outlines the information required from interested development partners and the process by which a development partner will be selected. Qualifications and supporting materials must be received by Monday, August 24, 2020 at 4:00 pm EST.

Wilmore Redevelopment RFQP - packet