Zoom Meetings


Please feel free to attend any of the following upcoming public meetings.  You may log onto www.zoom.us and enter the appropriate meeting ID as listed below.

Once you do this, you will be able to view the meeting via your electronic device and listen to it as long as you’d like.  We are using this zoom webinar function to encourage residents to join as if they were sitting in the Council Chambers in person.

You may also choose to call the zoom phone number listed by each meeting.  Using this option, you will be able to hear the meeting via your phone.

Should you want to participate in a meeting rather than just listen and/or watch, you must make a reservation.  Those instructions are specific to each meeting and will be noted below.


Upcoming Meeting:  1-19-2021 Council Meeting
Meeting ID#:  945 5402 1505
Meeting Phone:  929-205-6099
Special Instructions:  To register to speak on legislation, call or email
                                   Kristal Grida and make your reservation.  To
                                   speak at the end of the meeting, please contact Kristal 
                                   prior to the last agenda item. 
                                   kgrida@cityofeuclid.com or 216-289-8268