Memorial Park Concept Plan

Euclid’s Memorial Park  is a 56-acre park located in the heart of the City. Serving as Euclid’s main community park, Memorial Park serves the entire city and hosts the vast majority of recreation programming within the community. Offering activities year-round, it is essential that proper investments are made in order to enhance an already popular and functioning recreational area.

As the community develops and implements plans to reshape the waterfront, the Downtown Business District, and the Euclid Avenue Corridor, a vibrant and exciting Memorial Park will enhance these efforts. Memorial Park serves as both a local and regional destination. Year after year, Memorial Park has not only served Euclid residents, both young and old, but  also regional and national audiences at the many tournaments and events that have been hosted at the park. A revitalized Memorial Park will attract patrons from a wide audience, boosting our commercial districts with increased traffic and spurring further investment in businesses across the City.

Developing a plan that encourages increased usage of the park as well as healthier lifestyles for residents and visitors is essential in sustaining a vigorous and thriving community. This plan seeks to enhance and expand the vast array of amenities that the park already provides. It is the committee’s view in developing this plan not to overhaul and rearrange park facilities but to build on the success that the park has already realized and to carefully consider the location of new facilities to expand overall appeal and use of the park.

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