Tackle Football

     The Euclid Recreation Department offers Tackle Football each fall for children between grades 2-6. Tackle Football is a competitive football program that is part of the North Coast Football League. The Euclid Recreation Department offers Panters and Vikings teams, each team consisting of a 25 player roster. Games are held on Sundays and practices are held each weekday. The North Coast League covers neighborhoods from Cleveland to Canton offering most atheletes their first opportunity to play a travel style league.

     Our football programs are designed to do more than teach kids how to play the game. We instill a sense of commitment and responsibility and help our players grow as people not just as players. Our players are often involved in community service projects, cleaning the field after games and must maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

     If you are interested in participating in the Euclid Recreation Department's Tackle Football program, as a player, coach or official, please contact Mac Stephens at 216-289-8230.