Guidelines and Rules


  • If you feel sick please stay home
  • Temperature checks will be required for all coaches, instructors, and athletes
    • Will be done by either arena staff or coach and turned in and kept for records
  • Hours of Operation
    • Monday – Friday 9 am – 9 pm
    • Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm
  • Mask required
    • Coaches and Instructors are required to wear a mask while on the ice and on the bench at all times. 
    • Participants must wear a mask in common areas but not required on the ice
  • Teams may not enter the facility until
    • 15 minutes before their game/ practice/clinic time
    • 30 minutes prior for goalies only
  • Zero spectators 
    • Ages 10 and under will be allowed 1 parent in with them to tie skates once finished the parent must leave the arena. 
  • No out of state teams
  • No congregating in lobbies or common areas before or after your session
  • Groups must leave promptly so the facility can be cleaned between rentals
  • Coaches and Instructors will monitor participants by administering the COVID-19 symptom checklist daily
  • Coaches and instructors will assist with the cleaning of bench areas
  • Social distancing is mandatory for all coaches, players when off the ice.
    • Avoid group interaction and maintain a 6’ distance
  • Come ready to skate as fully dresses as possible
  • All locker rooms will be sanitized after every use as will restrooms and commonly touched surfaces.
  • Locker rooms will be in use for teams and players are to sit where the Red X’s are marked for 6-foot social distancing. If all spots are taken in a particular locker room another will be open or you may dress on a Red X located within the rink area as well as players in each room.
  • Do not take valuables into locker rooms.
  • Do not share equipment, towels, jerseys, socks, etc.
  • No spitting on the ice or in common areas
  • No birthday parties, special events, or special event rentals
  • No, Learn to Skate or Stick and Puck      



  1. Skate at your own risk. Skate guards are on duty to ensure your safety. Please assist them by being a safe and courteous skater and follow their instructions.
  2. Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by someone who is 18 years or older in the facility at all times.
  3. Walkers are not permitted on the ice during open skates. Arena staff can assist with beginning skaters.
  4. Roughness, play fighting, throwing of objects, excessive speeding or weaving through other skaters is prohibited.
  5. No one is permitted on the ice without skates.
  6. Slow skaters should use the perimeter of the skating area.
  7. Sitting on or climbing over walls is strictly prohibited.
  8. In the event of injury, please notify a skate guard, cashier, or manager immediately.
  9. Figure skaters using the center circle during public sessions need to be aware of other skaters while doing jumps and spins. Non-Figure skaters are not permitted inside the circle at any time.
  10. No eating or drinking of any kind on the ice.
  11. Please lock all personal belongings in the lockers provided in the rink area. The ice rink is not responsible for lost or stolen items including purses and shoes.
  12. Staff members have the right to deny usage of the facility to any guest not following C.E. Orr Ice Arena rules and reserve the right to conduct any ice maintenance deemed necessary.
  13. Off-Ice Hockey is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

 1st Offense - Warning  2nd Offense - 10 minute Time Out  3rd Offense - Ejection
 If any skater is ejected their name will be recorded in the office.
Ejected skaters will not be eligible for 1st or 2nd strikes for subsequent offenses