Euclid Development Corporation (EDCOR)

The Euclid Development Corporation (EDCOR) is funded by the City of Euclid to administer a Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program.

Funds for this program are made available by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Housing and Community Development Block Grant program and the HOME program.

This Program provides a straight 3% low interest home improvement loan to income-eligible residents unable to afford conventional loans to upgrade and improve their homes.
3% Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program

In addition to ensuring that any and all possible code violations are corrected, EDCOR also aids with such large financial investment improvements such as faulty or outdated wiring, faulty or outdated plumbing and/or heating systems, structural issues, gutters and downspouts, foundation, storm doors and windows, and driveways.

EDCOR also offers a down-payment assistance program for income eligible first-time home buyers.
Down Payment Assistance Info Sheet
Guidelines and Program Description

Rules and Requirements
Counseling and Training Requirements
Down Payment Assistance Application
Realtor-Seller Info Sheet
Document Checklist

For more information contact the EDCOR office at (216) 289-4625.