10 Ways To Be A Good Neighbor


  1. Regularly mow your lawn. (E.C.O. 1755.28). Keep your property clean, and free of garbage and debris. (E.C.O. 529.03). Do not park vehicles on the grass. (E.C.O. 351.03)
  2. Place trash by the curb AFTER 6 p.m. on the evening before pickup. Store containers out of view from the street. (E.C.O. 941.05)
  3. Obtain a pet license and have your pet vaccinated. (E.C.O. 505.15). Clean up after your pet. (E.C.O. 505.17, 505.19). Keep pets from roaming loosely or barking excessively. (E.C.O. 505.09, 505.11).
  4. Keep your swimming pool inaccessible to children. (E.C.O. 1741.13)
  5. Respect your neighbors. Keep your music from disturbing them. (E.C.O. 545.10 )
  6. Keep the exterior of your house in good repair.(E.C.O. 1755.21, 1755.24, 1755.25)
  7. Keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed.(E.C.O. 909.01)
  8. Check if building permits are required for new fences, remodeling or construction.
  9. Do not park/store commercial or undriveable vehicles or conduct major repairs on them in the driveway. (E.C.O. 559.03). Park campers or RVs in side or rear yards on approved surfaces. (E.C.O. 351.03)
  10. Don't forget, to say "HELLO"

What to do if you have a problem with a neighbor

  1. Try talking with your neighbor--a cup of coffee, a stroll around the block or a friendly chat can work wonders. Chances are your neighbor had no idea his dog's barking was driving you crazy.
  2. If you don't know your neighbor or are uncomfortable approaching them with some violation they're committing, ask your neighborhood association president or beach club president to place an FYI about the "rule" in the next newsletter that goes out to everyone. Perhaps more neighbors can benefit from being reminded. If this isn't an option for you, you may call the Euclid Police Department at the non-emergency number of 731-1234 for any criminal violation.
  3. An anonymous complaint or tip can be placed on the City's Action Line.