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For Immediate Release:


Euclid, Ohio (March 4, 2020) – City of Euclid officials would like to announce that they have set a new rate of $2.845/Mcf for gas consumed April 2020 through March 2024. Residents and small businesses should look for a letter from Constellation to arrive on or after March 11, explaining the new rate and the various means to join the program.

Mayor Holzheimer Gail said, "We are pleased to have been able to secure this low rate for our residents and businesses. As this is one of the lowest rates our program has ever had, we decided to lock in for a longer term. This rate provides price protection and gives customers the ability to opt-out free of charge at any time for any reason.”

Anyone currently enrolled in the program will receive a simple rate-change notice from Constellation explaining the rate, terms and conditions of the offer. These accounts will remain in the program unless they contact Constellation. Anyone who has not yet chosen a supplier, will receive an opt-out notice from Constellation explaining the rate, terms and conditions, and methods for opting out of the City’s aggregation program. These accounts will be added to the program unless they opt out as indicated in the letter.

Customers served by another supplier are eligible to receive the new program rate as well. These customers must contact Constellation in order to join the program and can do so by calling Constellation toll-free at 844-467-4304. These customers should be aware of the obligations in their existing contract before joining the City of Euclid program, as many suppliers charge a penalty for early termination. Customers wishing to join the program must be in good standing with their bill payment and cannot be part of the utility’s percentage of income payment program (PIPP).

The City of Euclid is pleased to have made this program possible but asks that you do not call the City offices, which are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls. City officials ask that residents contact Constellation directly at 844-467-4304 with questions about the program, or visit