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Reduction in Solid Waste Collection Fees for Seniors and Disabled
On Monday 8/15/16, City Council increased the discount for Seniors and Disabled as it pertains to the Solid Waste fee that is accessed on your property taxes.
The application can be found by clicking here.
Upon approval of your application, your discount will increase from $2/month to $4/month off of the regular $9/month charge.
PLEASE NOTE:  If you are already receiving this discount, you will AUTOMATICALLY be adjusted.  A new application is not necessary.   


Map of current construction projects in The City of Euclid Click HERE

Euclid Connect Alerts:

  • Crime Prevention Tips
    This is Kate McLaughlin, Community Policing Specialist for the Euclid Police Department. Over the weekend there was a spree of theft from auto incidents in the area of North Lakeland Blvd. on the streets between E. 200th and E 222nd. It is recommended that Euclid residents take the following crime prevention measures. - Never leave anything of value inside your vehicle. Such as - Loose change - Wallet/Purse - Cell phone and charger - Lap top - Electronics - And even clothing • Always roll up the windows and lock your car doors, even when parked in your driveway. • Keep your outdoor lights on overnight. • Park in your garage if possible. • If you see suspicious activity such as a person walking up and down driveways, or looking into car windows, or you observe a vehicle driving slowly without lights on at night, call Euclid Police at 216-731-1234. If you are a victim of theft from auto, do not touch or remove anything from the vehicle. Call Euclid Police and an officer will be dispatched to your location. Taking appropriate crime prevention measures and working with your police department, we can help make Euclid a safer community.
  • Tree Removal Notice
    The City of Euclid is in the process of removing all Ash trees from tree lawns due to the emerald ash bore infestation. We will be working on this as long as the weather allows